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Who are we?

We are a select group of Coaches who share the ethos that both Horse and Rider are Athletes. We believe in taking an holistic approach to Coaching the partnership, exploring the performance environment as well as the well-being of the whole team. 
We deliver sessions online and face to face with a balance of training in and out of the saddle.

We are committed to the long term health and performance of the Equestrian Athletes we work with. 

Ride Into 2022

What motivates you to ride at Your Best?  Would you like clarity in your training programme and to be able to explore mental training strategies that will allow you to focus on your horse so you can enjoy every moment you spend together? Would you like to understand how you and your horse function as Athletes? Would you like to work with a Coach who can help you Ride into 2022 with a clear performance plan and the confidence to enjoy yourself? 
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