Clare Howard 

Clare is a Chartered Physiotherapist who specialises in physiotherapy and biomechanics for horse riders. 
As a horse rider myself, I know how your body needs to move to improve your riding performance. I understand why you have to keep mucking out your horse even when you have a bad back and broken ribs. 
With Katy Briggs, who is also a Chartered Physiotherapist at The Balanced Rider, I treat riders, trainers, grooms, vets and farriers. From complete beginners to fun leisure riders all the way to the competition pathways to Olympic Athletes. 

The Balanced Rider

We offer physiotherapy for aches and pains, biomechanics to improve your performance.

Home programmes with rider relevant exercises to target your strengths and weaknesses. 
As Physiotherapists we are able to offer a comprehensive range of neuro- musculoskeletal - skeletal treatments including :

Soft tissue therapy 

Fascial Release

Joint Mobilisation 

Neuro Rehab

Kinesiology taping




Clare Howard The Balanced Rider

“I know how your body needs to move to improve your riding performance.”