Kathryn Howard 

Blessed with over 30 years of my life living in the beautiful countryside with horses, I have been fortunate to meet and work with a range of athletes from high-level competition through to those who ride and drive for pleasure.

My horses have always been a source of calmness and inspiration throughout my career in senior leadership roles in industry. I have been lucky enough to breed horses, add value regarding rehabilitation cases and work with those animals that have been misunderstood. This life journey has enabled me to gain experience in many equestrian disciplines, training with top-level competitors and world champions, while being supported by exceptional veterinary talents and physiotherapists – travelling and competing in the UK and Europe.

It has been my pleasure to produce my own competition horses and support others in their progression.

As a BHS accredited professional coach and a British Carriage Driving accredited coach, I take great pride in tailoring training programmes for horses and their human partners, as well as providing coaching programmes for all ages.  Coaching can take the form of one to one sessions, through to extended programmes including mindfulness group clinics to support individual steps.  I am passionate about facilitating and understanding mental processes in performance at whatever level, and am known for confidence boosting!

Coaching can include athlete profiling, processes and goals for the season, one to one sessions, group sessions; both in and out of the saddle.  I am an experienced mentor of equestrian athletes and can profile for sports teams.  I enjoy coaching school competition teams, in addition to supporting assessment for GCSE and A-Level Sport, in the equestrian discipline. 

I take pride in my continued professional development.  Most recently being pleased to join a network of advanced coaches with the renowned Centre 10 team, and commencing an MSc in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health.  Throughout my professional career there has been significant cross over with coaching techniques from management teams to athletes.  You can never stop learning!

My equine rehabilitation involvement supports client needs and links to specific veterinary programmes as well as psychological well being of the horse and rider.

I am delighted to undertake coaching sessions at clinics or venues of choice. I take great pleasure in working with equestrian charities, riding clubs, pony clubs and I support charitable demonstrations.  I am fortunate to link with a wide network of coaches and professionals who add value to all athletes I have the pleasure of supporting.


“ Kathryn has been a great help to me over the years. Her knowledge and empathy for both horse and rider/ driver is second to none.”  National and International Para Driver

”Over the years that I have known and been following the progress of Kathryn and her team I have been continually and increasingly impressed by the sensitive, knowledgable and calm education the horses and riders in her care receive.” 


Kathryn Howard 

“Kathryn has a natural empathy that enables her to coach a wide variety of people with ease. She gives her whole and undivided attention to the pupil in question with remarkable results.”