Lindsay Raistrick

Lindsay is a BHS Accredited and Centre10 Advanced Coach. 
Lindsay’s aim is to work with clients at any level who wish to improve. 
“For me it’s not about the end result, it’s about the journey. It’s about being the best you can be at that moment in time. I consider all my clients, from Novice to Grand Prix to be athletes. 
When you work with me we will agree on the goals you wish to achieve and the steps needed to achieve them. I will work with you to create a system that will help build confidence and self belief. 
My lessons aim to not only provide you with the necessary skills but also the knowledge to recreate them at home so you can continue your journey.”

Lindsay Raistrick 

Introduction to Mental Training Skills for the Equestrian 

The aim of this 6 week Course is to build mental training foundations to help overcome ‘nerves, lack of focus, fear and panic’ thus enabling you to apply these skills to training and competition riding. Giving you a Winning Mindset. 

Week 1 Classroom Based - Goal Setting and Confidence 

Week 2 Ridden Session - Applying Goal Setting and confidence 

Week 3 Classroom Based - Mindset

Week 4 Ridden Session - Applying Goal Setting, Confidence and Mindset

Week 5 Classroom Based - Visualisation 

Week 6 Ridden Session - Applying Visualisation.


Lindsay Raistrick 

“Its about being the BEST you can be in that moment in time”