Dr Phil Pask 

Phil graduated from the Queen Elizabeth School of Physiotherapy at Birmingham University. He has a keen interest in health- related fitness since graduating with a Sports Science Degree in 1981 and has combined an interest in both areas by obtaining a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy and Sports Injury in 1999. 

Phil has taken part in sport at National level in Rugby, Triathlon(Ironman World Championship Hawaii) and Judo. He has been Physiotherapist to the England Rugby team since 1997 including the 2003 Grand Slam Team, and the World Cup team in 2003. Phil has covered the last five World Cup campaigns and the British and Iron Lions Senior Physiotherapist for the tour to New Zealand 05, South Africa 09,  the winning Tour of Australia in 13 and New Zealand 18. 
Phil is one of the world’s best Physiotherapists at rehabilitation and the treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries. Phil’s experience, knowledge base and skill set is far-reaching and he is considered by many in the profession as one of the world’s best in his field. More than 25 years of treating rugby injuries in elite players has given him an ability to rehabilitate some of the nastiest and most severe injuries back to elite play. The skill set translates exceptionally well to all sportsmen and women and Equestrian Athletes who might experience similar issues. 
Motivation and exercise progression as well as hands-on therapy are the cornerstones of Phil’s practice. He has been instrumental in returning some of our top rugby players to the field over many years. 
Phil has been part of Northampton Saints Rugby Football Club for 34 years first as a rugby player (with over 150 team appearances) then as Head of Performance from 1996 to 2002. 
Phil remains active in education. He’s a visiting lecturer at University of Bedfordshire where he helps teach the MSc in Sports Performance with a specific focus on transferring “theory into practice”. 

High Performing Rider Camps 

Phil works with athletes and their coaches to help them be the best conditioned, fittest and balanced Rider they can be.

Rider Wellbeing and training in a high performing environment are easy training outcomes to integrate into a season plan. When Riders understand the exercises and pre ride activation protocols they need to include in their practice and can link this to sessions with their Equestrian Coach then they will be on their way to Riding with clarity and consistency. 
Phil creates Rider Programmes with a focus on conditioning for performance in preparation for developing strength and fitness as they progress in their training plan. 
Riding requires complex movement and postural control in a dynamic posture in order to remain balanced and effective in the saddle. 

 When Rider imbalances are picked up early and a programme created to develop symmetry and alignment more serious injuries might be avoided. 

Although travel is restricted at present it is still possible to take a multi disciplinary approach to Rider Posture & Performance. Video consultations have proved very effective helping Equestrian Athletes to train in a familiar environment so that they are able to embed training and exercise into their daily routines. 

Phil Pask 

“ .. helping Equestrian Athletes to train in a familiar environment so that they are able to embed training and exercise into their daily routines. “