Rachael Clay 

I'm a BHS APC and a Centre10 Advanced Coach using applied psychology techniques to help with nerves, confidence and performance issues.  I have a special interest in performance mindset and mental skills training in relation to all areas of riding but particularly with regards to competitive riding.  I've coached for over 25 years aswell as having 'real' jobs but my love for coaching keeps bringing me back to it! 

My passion is eventing and I have competed up to intermediate level and have a wonderful horse now who I hope to be able to get out competing next year.  

I am a calm, supportive and empathetic coach and I love working with people who enjoy a challenge, want to learn new things and are willing to have a go.  There is no one way with horses, it is finding out what works for you, to enable you to be at your best to work together as a team.  The key for me is to have fun and enjoy the process along the way.






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Midnight Ponderings & The Curse of Perfection

My first attempt at a blog would love to hear what you think enjoy x

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"Take small steps, even if sometimes they may seem to be sideways or backwards steps.  They are all part of  learning.  Those steps strengthen your foundations. 

Be patient , trust the process and just keep moving.  

Small simple steps done consistently to the best of your ability add up to the big things. 

Celebrate all of those little wins. They matter"


Dealing with nerves

Join us on this video chat to explore all things nerves.  How do they affect you and your performance.  For further details please contact me to be added to the list 

Competition Support Packages

*Coming in 2021*

Bespoke packages aiming to support riders pre, during and post competition working on all areas of performance.   

1:1 Sessions, Workshops and Demo Days  

In and out of the saddle session.  Please contact me for details. 

Find me on facebook @rc.msfcoaching

Rachael Clay - MSF Coaching

Working with riders to give them the confidence and mental skills training to improve their performance and develop with their horses.  Encouraging them to give things a try and take on new challenges, without worrying about the outcome, focusing on the processes whilst giving them the support to learn and grow during each session.  Helping riders be at their best and really enjoy the journey!