Tiny Clapham

Horses have been my life for as long as I can remember.

Both my parents were involved with horses; my father was in the army and hosted hounds, and my mother bred champions. I always knew that I wanted to Event and, having gained ‘fall back’ qualifications, my father relented and allowed me to pursue my passion.

I rode internationally with medals as a Junior and Senior culminating with an Olympic Silver team medal at Los Angeles. I have competed at Badminton and Burghley on numerous occasions and gained many other significant results.

In order to create a base to impart my knowledge, I founded Eventers International and I am proud of my record supporting and producing a whole host of horses, teams and riders at all levels, three of whom have gone on to the Olympics.


Tiny Changes 

Nowhere is it truer that ‘change is the only constant’ than in the equine world – at any moment, factors can change for the rider, their horse and their circumstances. And the need to adjust and reinvent is a given. It is the only sport where a trainer needs to work holistically with two sentient beings – and the triangle of trust and dedication is an imperative as the ‘team of three’ seeks to break down the ambition into small wins in order to achieve the big goal.

I have spent the last three years honing my practical skills and years of experience into the complete package through my work with Centre10, a body that specialises in training the trainer to optimize the psychological potential of their athletes.

Nothing gives me greater joy than seeing that lightbulb moment when something just clicks between horse and rider and the subsequent smile of pure elation.

As those that have worked with me at any level will vouch for, I am:

Dedicated – each client and their horse is treated as an individual, working together to understand the things that are unique to the partnership and working on all aspects from the physical to the emotional.

Attentive – over the years, I have had the good fortune to meet many talented individuals who are the very best in their chosen fields. From physios to vets, breeders to doctors, dentists to trainers, every need can be met to enable my clients to realise their goals.

Resilient – the path to attainment, whatever the level, never does run smooth and one of my strengths is my ability to find straight-forward solutions which re-focus and build confidence

Enthusiastic – riding is exhilarating. It’s tough, it demands dedication and time but there is nothing that compares to the confidence and sense of attainment given by a moment of complete harmony. Above all – it should be fun.

My aim is to impart this to riders of all levels – helping them to become more confident, competent and complete as riders and as people.

Everyone can dare to dream big and with Tiny Changes, we can make those dreams a reality.

Tiny Clapham 

“Everyone can dare to dream big and with Tiny Changes we can make those dreams a reality.”